Store extension with mezzanine and modular office

Today's industry demands are clear : customers want to receive their orders as quickly as possible. With this in mind, factory and store technicians must be able to act quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime.


Faced with this problem, one of our customers who has experienced sustained growth has given us the mandate to optimize its workspace. Specifically, the mandate objective was to enable technicians to be ready to respond quickly and at all times.


Thanks to the installation of a freestanding mezzanine and a modular office, we managed to condense in a small space the parts store while creating a workspace for technicians. Indeed, the modular office is an ideal workspace for technicians. They can carry out repairs and tests with complete peace of mind.


In addition, in order to be able to easily adapt to a constantly changing industrial reality, all installations are flexible. Our client can thus adapt his new installations according to his needs.


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