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Material handling


Optimize movement within the confines of your building

Our customized in-plant buildings can provide your staff the peace and quiet they need in a bustling and noisy plant environment to hold team meetings, catch up on communications, control operations, or simply take a break and have lunch. Designs can facilitate a 360-degree view of the surrounding production lines or take the distractions away completely—the choice is yours.


Conveyor solutions

Improve your work environment and optimize your storage space with our modular cabinets with drawers and the multitude of organization accessories. These drawers, which come with a lifetime guarantee, are available in a variety of heights, widths and depths, as well as mobile versions, to accommodate your needs.

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Ergonomic crane systems

Our freestanding cranes can perform the most difficult tasks while being installed on a concrete floor. This prevents you from using the structure of the building. Our cranes are of modular design conception easily modifiable as your business, your work area or your needs increase.

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Lifting table

Whether you need a single scissor table or larger, we offer a variety of tables in standard capacities and sizes. However, our strength is custom manufacturing according to your needs, regardless of the sizes, heights or capacities requested.

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Rolling Safety Ladders

Federal steel offers a wide range of rolling safety ladders. Whether you need a stepping stool or 16 step ladder, our ladders are comply with safety requirements : ANSI, OSHA, CSA and are certified by independent engineer

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Picking carts

Whether you need  a custom carts designed or standard picking carts, we have solutions to help your business work better.  

To meet the specific requirements of your business, we can provide cost effective custom design and manufacturing services to create the specific cart solution for your needs.

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Plastic product

We offer a wide range of plastic storage and material handling products. Everything from storage bins and totes to bulk box carts and plastic pallets.

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Other products


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