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Create safe and practical work and storage spaces

Made of steel, the partitions are resistant and require no maintenance. Therefore, they save you time and money. Whether you choose one of our standard models or a custom configuration, our team of experts will offer you the perfect solution for you.
Five models of partitions are available depending on your needs: the original partition, the sheet metal lexan partition, the robotic machine protection model, the drug storage cage model and the sheet metal partition.


Wire Partition

Corner, three-sided or fully-enclosed, our wire mesh partitions keep your goods secure and your operations productive.


Sheet Metal Partition

Strong and secure, protect your employees from automated machinery or create a confidential storage area with our sheet metal partitions.


Sheet Metal/Lexan Partition

Total privacy or complete transparency, our sheet metal and Lexan partitions create safe and functional workspace.


Robotic Machine Guarding

Form a solid wall of protection around manufacturing and robotics equipment with our robotic machine guard partitions.


Partition Lockers

Infinitely adaptable for everyday use, our wire mesh lockers are the durable, practical and multi-purpose solution for converting any space into a secure storage area. From tenant and warehouse storage to employee lockers, dormitory lockers or military and equipment lockers, we have the perfect storage system to fit your needs. 

NCP 1000 Cut Sheet
NCP 1003 Cut Sheet


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