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Racking and Shelving


Store everything according to the available space

Our industrial rack and shelf solutions include a wide range of adaptable and flexible accessories to meet your specific storage needs. Interlock metal shelves and compact rack systems, all our products are designed to fit your needs by allowing you to store everything according to the available space.


Industrial Racking

Selective pallet racks are an effective method of storing pallets, either one or double deep, from the aisle while utilizing the vertical space. We supply an assortment of standard structural components for selective pallet racking. We offer both a welded and a bolted upright with various columns.


Industrial Shelving

Among the most rigid in the industry, our shelving is produced in either 18 gauge or 20 gauge cold-rolled steel. Shelves are made with double bends or box style front and back edges, complete with closed corners. The uprights are made of 16 gauge hot-rolled steel and are pre-punched, roll-formed, welded and cut to length in a continuous operation.


Cantilever Racking

Ideal for storing short, long or awkwardly-shaped items—from steel sheets and poles to dry wall and lumber—our cantilever racking is easy to install and space efficient, optimizing the productivity and profitability of your work environment. 

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High Density Racking

Our high density, pallet rack warehouse storage solutions increase the number of pallet positions in your warehouse. Our designers develop a high-density pallet rack solutions that significantly increases workflow and pallet positions, everything is then validated by an engineer. Whether you need;

  • Mobile racking
  • Push Back racking
  • Drive-in racking
  • Carton flow racks
  • Pallet flow rack
  • VNA racks

We provide high density pallet rack storage solutions with your industry’s reality in mind.

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Pull-out Racking

Roll out Racks optimize both floor and vertical space, increase efficiency, and facilitate a safe work environment. Materials removed from floor space and stored in roll out racks are rapidly and easily accessible. The floor space is liberated for productive uses like traffic and workspace.

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Wide Span Shelving

Wide Span was introduced in 2014 to meet the distribution needs for a bulk storage system. Using the metal frame and a low cost wood shelf we can achieve savings for the end user all the while maintaining the capacities needed for a larger size than what we can offer in shelving.


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