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Your material handling and storage solution experts

Our services

Our services for over 70 years

We have developed the capabilities of working in unison and have built relationships with different experts in a variety of industries, tailoring services according to your needs.



We find the right solutions to your needs by optimising your under utilized space. Our team of engineers will find the most efficient way to maximise your operations.

Design solutions

Based on gathered information, we will provide a detailed quotation that will meet your needs and then meet with you to be sure that our solution is also your solution. 


Based on the best solution, we will deliver from a single product to a turnkey solution and provide required installation with the utmost care. Our fifteen point checklist ensures that all the smallest details have been covered. 

After sales support

Once the work is completed, we will follow up with you to make sure that all your needs have been met and that you are fully satisfied. 100% satisfaction is our goal.

Our products

Your satisfaction is our priority! 

Working with respected and established Canadian suppliers, Federal Steel has access to thousands of quality products to meet your various needs. All our products are guaranteed by the manufacturer. We also guarantee all the work done on-site. 


Latest projects

Our philosophy is to deliver a precise, personalized service for all your projects, while offering an innovative approach that reflects the singularity of each of our projects. We encourage invention and originality, and we support both established names as well as upcoming talent.


Our story

Federal Steel, founded in 1950

William Coveny, a visionary who spent most of his career developing space management and material handling solutions for his clients. His premise is still today at the center of our mission: "Taking care of our customers and having their satisfaction at heart". In 1980, Shawn Coveny, William's oldest son, officially joined the management of the company after working in all departments and collaborating on many projects. Shawn continues today, as president, to carry on the dream of his father. In 2012, Shawn's oldest son Jamie also joined, becoming the first third generation family member. 

Federal Steel has been, for over 70 years, the reference for all kinds of industries when it comes to space optimization, industrial material handling and storage needs. Whether it’s food, construction, manufacturing, aviation, or other industries, more than 5000 satisfied customers have benefited from our expertise since our beginnings.

We ensure that all skills and knowledge are shared, maximizing our network of industry professionals that helps us to pull it all together! It allows for efficient development and production of your tailored needs. 

With access to a wide range of constantly updated products and suppliers renowned for the excellence and reliability of their products, we build strong, lasting relationships that allow us to put our expertise to your service to help you find the best solutions. Our approach to develop projects for today’s new market needs, cut production waste and take advantage of the latest technologies. Our key strength is our simple approach that enables us to develop premium quality projects that reflect today’s market challenging needs. Our services offer clients different levels of project executions, from simple consulting services to full service project execution. 



Because your operations require the highest level of precision and expertise, we are there to help you with your needs. With over 70 years of experience we have the products, knowledge and experience to get the job done right, just as you would expect. You can count on us as much as your clients count on you, we promise.


Upcoming project? New idea?

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